AI has cheated the world

Deming Liu
2 min readApr 29, 2020

If you were susceptible to irritation, you must’ve been annoyed by the AI hype. As backed up by fake news media, simply because it beat a human player of the game, Go, it must necessarily prove that it is about to defeat and conquer the human race. What a load of rubbish!

The Japanese have been researching robots for decades, but the other day when I watched Japan showcase its latest generation of robots, I was astounded by the stupidity of the robots not even being able to perform the simple task of delivering medicines to the ward; like a bunch of idiots, they kept bumping into walls, and then got disoriented. What the hell have they been improving over the decades with the stupid robots!

Indeed, as Jack Ma argued with Musk, why would you want a human being to compete with a machine for the playing of the game, Go? Then, it does not mean anything even if the machine wins. A machine may make a mathematical calculation in a second which would take a human being half a year to do; then so what? Nothing! A human being can never win the race with a motorcar. So what? Do it mean that the motorcar is superior to the human being and the human being inferior, and that the motorcar has conquered the human being which should ever since be watchful for their back to avoid being stabbed by the machine? Any firm answer or innuendo would be simply nonsense.

The most recent coronavirus pandemic lays bare the stupidity of the AI hype. The hype is good only insofar as collecting a bunch of personal data for selling goods is concerned, but AI plays no active role in the fight against the pandemic. We notice that the AI companies and individuals keep their mouths shut tight, and, are nowhere to be found. It is a shame that their stupid AI stuff profusely funded by all sources is thoroughly defeated by coronavirus, so to speak, and it is defeated even before it shows its stupid face.

Coronavirus teaches us many things, and we now see the truth behind the AI hype. Next they generate a cartoon or animate a meeting between a Martian and Trump and want acclaims, we’d better let them f*** off, firm and hard!

Hang on a minute! What? Well, you know I was poking fun above, just to pull your leg. So don’t be serious about what I’ve just said. Anyway, the point is, AI has its stupidity side whilst the other side one may choose, for better or for worse, to turn a blind eye to!