Anything changes; only climate cannot change

Deming Liu
2 min readAug 26, 2020


Change is the gist of life, and climate changes. And yet, as heard day in and day out, people shout that things must be done to stop the change. Trump does not heed it and dismisses it as nonsense or hoax, and then he becomes the number one public enemy.

Objectively, climate change can be a good thing. Scientifically, the human race becomes more adaptable when the climate changes; adaptability enables the race to cope with the ever-changing viruses, bacteria, diseases and other invisible microbes ready to conquer the human race. Climate changes also wipes out some human enemies; true, some marine or land lives are threatened or wiped out, which certainly benefits other more benign lives to the human race. Then, countless numbers of invisible or undetectable species, hiding in the dark and ever ready to find opportunities to wipe out the human race, are wiped out through the natural force of climate change.

Climate changes, regardless of human activities. And then, the change the human race witnesses as claimed by the effect of the human activities is certain to take place anyway one way or another, precisely because the human race is part of nature and its action is the action of nature.

Animal activities can be more destructive to the human eyes; needless to say, the elephants or sharks or whales are the ruthless animals that cause extreme damage to the environment; and at least, their poos contribute to CO2. But, that is nature’s handiwork, and nature makes the requisite adjustment to accommodate it. The natural balance is likely to be tipped for the worst where those activities are stopped or restrained. Were sharks or whales to become vegetarian, the sea with sudden jump in the number of fish might enable bacteria to increase exponentially, and then to wipe out the fish population; using the sort of scaremongering language of the environmental activists, the sea would be filthy with dead bodies of fish floating, which, as you know, is totally nonsense. That may be another reason why Trump refused to donate money to save sharks; he apparently said that sharks are horrible and prey on dolphins and that dolphins should be saved. Essentially, he meant to let nature take its course.

The human race is intelligent and creative, hence, various occupations and groups and advocates of various things are created. It is a good thing to keep it occupied; otherwise, it would be bored whilst being idle. That’s why the human race, like the climate, changes. In 20, 50 or 100 years’ time, people will change to change climate stability for the sake of saving the human race from the ever-changing invisible enemies of viruses, bacteria and so on.