How to bring out the treasure within you?

Deming Liu
3 min readMay 4, 2020


What is it within you? As you close your eyes and think about it, you shall notice that there are a lot of noises, a lot of images, a lot of what has happened earlier; it is like a buzzing competition, too much noise for you to focus on the initial question of what is it within you. And yet, you know that the whole universe is within you and any happening in the past or in the future is within you; then, what is it that belongs to you when you open your eyes and get back to your daily routine?

You being the president of a country is your daily routine, and yet, would that make it more fun to being the president as your daily routine than knowing what it is like being the president when you close your eyes? The human race has advanced to such a degree that nothing is apparently a secret any more. The life of a president is so made known to the public that the public actually knows more about his life than the president himself. That is the information age, and nothing can hide from inquisitive eyes. The job of a secret agent is suddenly becoming the least secret and the computer application they use in cracking codes or the smart phones they use, or the recording device they employ are all available to the public.

Yes, a person owns an island and leads a life of paradise, and yet, everyone knows that it is not all that glamorous, and behind the surface, there is another story. What sort of story? Google that person’s name and you can certainly figure out what goes on his mind when sitting in the sunshine on the tropical island, just as you know well what is going on in the White House and what is going on in the mind of the president. Just as being pissed off by annoying things as anyone else, an earthling saint is nowhere to be found. The Pope showed his anger and hit on the wrist of the woman who was trying to grab him and talk to him. Such a pope’s mind that night was just as guilty as a stealing child; such a mind may have a bit more complex calculation or reflection in the preparation for the next day, for the next course of action. That’s not much different from the living of life of anyone else.

What is the magic and what is the treasure within you? Many people tell you that there is treasure within you, and yet, no one tells you what is it. That is not surprising, because no one knows. It is not only that they do not know about you, but in fact that they do not know about themselves, either. Yes, they know there is treasure within them, and yet, with that faith and confidence, they are living in search for it. They may have found it without realising it precisely because it is intangible and can not be described in words.

The fun merely lies in the search for it, in the use of it, and in the faith that it is there all the time, lifting you up, providing you solutions, and giving you answers to your questions. Isn’t it fun?! You may say that it is no fun and you do not see the fun of it at all, and yet, you are not absolutely sure because you know it is there and curiosity keeps you going; unless it is found, you will never give up the game. That is fun! If the gold miners can find a gold mine easily, then what is the fun of gold mining? It would be as easy as mud mining, and mud is everywhere and easily mined.

A Chinese philosopher could not figure out whether he is in a dream or in a waking state, when he wakes up from his dream in which he turns into a butterfly. Either way, there is intelligence in the butterfly, so is there intelligence in the human. The butterfly has its own treasure to unearth, so does the human. Both are tasked with the job of digging within to bring out the treasure out. Each day brings out a gold dust; put it in your treasure house as your own treasure; no one can take it away from you; it is yours for good.