How to sustain or enhance your brain power

Deming Liu
3 min readApr 30, 2020

Bill Gates admitted himself that his worst fear is that his brain stops working. You may never give that a thought, but if you spare a minute thinking about it, it is quite a scary thing that your brain stops working. If that means death to the whole body, it is okay for most of us not least because we do not add any burden to our loved ones. But, it may mean more than that, and it is beyond description in any sense. Hence, for now, let’s omit those horrible consequences and pictures. Suffice it to say, it is worse than death, hell upon hell! Our interest is, how to avoid that? In other words, how could we sustain our brain function and enhance our brain power?

Well, our brain is so designed that it enjoys challenges; as long as there is a challenge, it will not stop until that challenge is conquered and that mission accomplished; the more challenging the task it is asked to undertake, the more excited it gets, and the more power it becomes. The brain does not enjoy being studied or peeked at; rather, it simply accomplishes whatever task you set for it.

So, you may want to achieve something unbelievable or unreachable; but no task is impossible for the brain. Use your brain to explore all routes until you reach your goal, with the faith that the brain will never go away until it realises your goal. That is, it is not you that want to reach your goal; it is your brain and the unfathomable power within it that want to show you that your goal is achieved.

Hence, carrying on with routines day in and day out really annoys your brain. It is not pleased as it is simply feeling ignored and humiliated. When this lasts long enough, it may well choose to say goodbye.

Precisely because the brain is the most magical and powerful thing in the universe, it must be assigned tasks worthy of its power and magic. Let it carry on with the simple task of eating and drinking; it only grumbles. Let it carry on with a great task of immense magnitude; it only turns on its motor and functions efficiently and happily. So, do not abuse your brain; give it a great task to perform. Only in this way can it be sustained with its inherent power and magic fully exhibited. If you are penniless, why not ask your brain to make a million dollars for you or find a way to get an oceanside mansion for you? If you are doomed stupid or untalented, why not ask your brain to make you the most talented person in the world? If you are jailed for bank robbery or drug dealing, why not ask your brain to let you become a most eminent judge or banker? The list goes on and on. Indeed, where there is negativity, there is positivity and we have cold as contrasted with warm, happy as with unhappy, penniless as with plenty, homeless as with home. You know it is possible to go from one opposite to the other opposite, from being unhappy to being happy etc. Then the great task you set for your brain is just as possible, why not give it a shot and why not live by it?