Meditation is no panacea

You heard it, and it sounds like posh to the speaker, “Hey, let’s go do yoga!” That’s the fashion young people are pursuing, and yet your gut feeling asks, “what the hell?!” As brainwashed and controlled by media, people blindly pick up what’s piled onto them and, like the naked emperor in imaginative clothing, simply shut up their mouths and blindly follow the herd and trumpet what is said to be posh and fashionable!

The truth is, meditation or yoga is no panacea, and it is no universal cure for such social diseases as depression and anxiety. The reason is that each human being is a unique individual rather than another mass-produced machine; as a unique individual, the human has its own temperament, its own imprint, which nothing can erase. As such, meditation works for some people who can reap a lot of benefits; and yet, it simply does not work for others. The same is true of all the other tools for mental health and other issues. The worst offender is the so-called motivational talks and talkers; temporary relief, but quickly forgotten, a flashy thing; and yet, it is picking up in popularity; objectively, it is okay insofar as it helps some people and gives them some relief, guidance etc when they feel lost. However, trumping it as universal is plainly wrong.

The wisest men in the world ever find out that any problem shall pass away. Then before it passes away, there is a solution; it is all about uncovering what that solution is. Each person is its own solution and only he can find out what it is, no one else. All those tools are just there for him to go and try which one suits him; all existing tools may be tried and discarded, or one or two may be retried at a later time or at a different stage of his maturity and one adopted. It is also possible that all tools are useless and there is a eurika moment for himself.

At the end of the day, silence shall prove to be the most powerful tool; you divide it a multiple times, it is still silence wherein lies power and solution. One reaches silence by different routes; and only the route genuine to oneself can achieve silence. So, stop pursuing the 6 qualities or the 8 traits or the 9 rules that people are trifling with you, rather start living the way of yourself where your own tool uplifts you when you are down, your own tool enlightens you when you are dumb, your own tool motivates you when you are wormy, and your own tool brings you humanity when you are showy and shallow.


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