The speed of light limits us

What is the edge of the Universe? Theories abound in exploring this fascinating question. However, all of them are just nonsense, a bucket of rubbish which engages some people’s lives and earns their salts and makes their self-centred fleeting fame! Let me tell you why.

True, our brain runs very fast, but it cannot run faster than light, because we are told by science that light runs the fastest. Then, in a year, light can only travel that far; so, in a lifespan of 80 years, how far can a human brain run? Very little. Take a simple task of going and fetching a jug of water from one light year away, the brain simply cannot do it, let alone doing innumerable light years to figure out where the Universe might end and what would lie beyond.

Some say, well, the easy and indeed lazy way is to attribute everything to a god, and then, live, eat and be merry. Others say, well, that’s stupid, and, there’ve got to have other ways around; so, they choose science, and yet, bear in mind that science simply means knowing as defined in its own terms, nothing dignified or awesome; science is not perfect or absolute and keeps upgrading its own boundary.

Philosophers weigh in, Plato is heard saying, “the only thing I know is that I know nothing.” You cannot blame him, as he is simply speaking the truth by accepting the limits of his mental power.

Then, if the brain has its limits, why do people never stop exploring questions like the edge of the Universe, the genesis of the Universe, the Big Bang or no Big Bang? Well, regardless of its limits, the brain is powerful and magical, and the meaning of its very existence lies in the use and exploration of its potential. Like a card game, that is the game of Creation, and the game must be played; otherwise, life simply stops. That’s why philosophers say that life must be lived as play. As play, there is no need to take it seriously; then, that is the problem with religion or science, both of which are treating themselves seriously. Little do they know that outside their convent or circles, no one gives them a s***.

A South African Blom lived 116; it is not science that prompts or concerns his longevity. He believes in a superman living above and yet it is not that belief that gives his longevity, though fake media puts it like that. He simply plays and lives a natural life, and never watches TV or reads fake news. Nature is awesome whereas humans are not. Thus, one’d rather be awestruck by nature than by humans and their man-made religion or science or fake news.

Tell young kids to find where their passion lies and pursue it, be it religion, science or otherwise. Otherwise, they will be a muddled piece of breathing matter and society would not work. As long as everyone is engaged, life is full of purpose and worth living. There is no need to be serious, nor desperation to find the truth, as there is no such thing as truth. Truth is negotiable, and the negotiation is the play.


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